Care of Your Himalayan Salt Lamps

Principles of care for your Himalayan salt lamps are explained below.


Salt Crystal is hygroscopic; this means it attracts moisture from the environment, so keep your lamp and tea light holder away from water and damp environments. Be aware of the following situations that require special attention and care:

Evaporative coolers and air conditioners: please ensure your Salt Crystal Lamp is on at the same time your cooler is on and place it away from direct contact with the moisturised air flow of the cooler vents.

Convection currents in your house and the additional natural moisture that flows and congregates near windows, if placed on a wooden window sill salt crystal will attract this excess and may cause damage to the wood. If you choose to place a salt crystal object here, please ensure it has a waterproof base to sit on (e.g. saucer) to protect the wood. Always wipe down with a soft cloth after use and store away from the window when not on.

Humid Climates or Damp Areas such as bathrooms- your salt crystal will continue to attract moisture to it after it is turned off or the candle blown out. Please ensure that your Salt Crystal Lamp is stored in a dry environment when not in use. Depending on the level of dampness/humidity we recommend that you store the Electric lamps in a plastic bag after they have cooled sufficiently and when not in use.

Switching them on (or lighting a candle, if it’s a tea light lamp) will ensure that they stay dry. In fact, it is the lamps’ ability to draw moisture from the air — releasing moisture when warmed up by the bulb or candle – which creates the special ionising and purifying effect. Sometimes, in particularly moist or humid conditions, the lamp surface may be slightly damp to the touch. Lighting it for a few hours dries it very quickly. If crystallisation occurs, just wiping with a damp cloth will get rid of it. For most everyday situations, this is not a concern.

We recommend that you light your lamp every day for the best air purifying results. Whilst it is not safe to leave a candle burning unattended under any circumstances, for electric lamps we recommend that you leave them on for as long as possible. This will not only maintain a constant negative ionising process but also repel excess moisture build up around the lamp.


The electric salt crystal lamp takes a 15W to 25W candle bulb. These are usually available from any hardware outlet. The large (up to 50-60 kg) salt crystal lamp take up to a 60W bulb of similar properties. For a dimmer glow a 15W globe may be used.

To replace the bulb, ensure your lamp is unplugged and turned off. Turn the lamp over so that you can see the underside of the base. Carefully pull out the lamp fitting. Remove the used bulb and dispose of carefully, screw in your new bulb. Squeeze the butterfly fitting, to allow it to slide inside. Push it to the desired depth. Make sure, the bulb is not touching the lamp.


Initially, lighting the tea light salt crystal lamps may take a couple of attempts. There’s a “trick” to lighting the tea light and dropping it into the hole without extinguishing it.
The easy way is to use extra long matches or a “long nosed” BBQ gas lighter. But a more “fun” way is to learn to hold on to the lit candle about halfway down the hole before releasing it gently.

Retrieving the used candle is easy – either with your fingers, or sticking a pen through the opening at the bottom, made for the purpose. Within a few attempts, you will be an expert at lighting the tea light lamp!
Due to the heavy, solid, nature of the Salt Crystal Tea-Light Candle holders they are very stable and unlikely to be affected by wind.

Commonsense and care should be exercised when small children and/or pets are in the vicinity of any naked flame.
Be aware that Hot liquid wax can splash out onto clothes, furnishings or skin if the lamp is moved whilst candle is burning or within a short period of time after it is extinguished.

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