Himalayan Salt Lamps that Amaze!

Himalayan Salt Lamps Deliver Great Decorative Benefits!

Here is your introduction to salt lamps. Nature’s gift to you!

Let me ask you: Have you ever decorated your home or a working space knowing, that not only are you doing it for esthetical effects, but far more to benefit your health? With salt lamps, candleholders and tea lights, you’re not only bringing exquisitely beautiful, Nature’s creations into your environment. You’re dramatically improving its quality as well.

Himalayan salt lamp - enchanting light, healthy ions

Himalayan salt lamp - enchanting light, healthy ions

Tea lights - spiritual and salubrious

Tea lights - spiritual and salubrious

The air you breathe is purer and loaded with extra bio-energy. The light emits colours which soothe your mind. A lit chunk of salt with powers to deliver significant gain to your body’s daily performance. Recognizable instantly. All by the virtues of salt lamps and… negative ions!

Why Ions Are So Important To Your Quality Of Life
Most people are aware of the health benefits of negative ions and know that they are essential for our health and well being.
The fresh, invigorating air after a thunderstorm, by the seaside or high on a mountain top, is caused by the high concentration of negative ions in the air.  And the feelings of lethargy that most of us feel in highly polluted areas, air conditioned offices etc., are usually caused by a high proportion of positive ions. Our wellbeing, energy and our efficiency are highly dependent on the quality of the air we breathe. The quality of the air depends on the kind of electrical charge (positively, negatively charged or neutral particles) and on the concentration of the ions. Our environment has far more sources of positive ions than in the past, creating an electrical imbalance in the air.

Today, at the beginning of the 21st century we can hardly, if only, imagine living without many electrical devices such as heating and cooling systems, computers, transmitters, televisions and mobile phones. These all produce positive ions which are detrimental to our health. They make it easier for us to work in the office, at home, they entertain us. However, we often do not realize that they are also a source of very harmful positive ions, the so-called electric smog. The harmful effects of electric smog, resulting in the concentration of positive ions, deteriorates the condition of air in rooms, this then negatively affects our physical and emotional state. Positive ions also result from exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke.

Salt lamp neutralizes positive ions.

Scientists have found that the air’s composition of negative ions should usually be between 1000-1500/cm3. Measurements have shown that the number of negative ions decreases to 200/cm3 in a closed room containing several people. Scientific studies show that salt crystal lamps can increase the negative ion count by up to 300%. Negative ions are created naturally by wind, sunlight, surf, waterfalls and rainstorms. Generally, a negative ion is an electronically charged molecule made up of oxygen. A positive ion in the air is a molecule that has lost its electrons through the process of air pollution. In ordinary, fresh country air we find up to 4000 negative ions per cubic centimetre and near strong surf or close to a waterfall up to 10.000 negative ions can be found. This can decrease to less than 100 in major cities during the rush hour! More about ions here.

Salt lamp neutralizes positive ions

Salt lamp neutralizes positive ions

The Proof of salt lamps effectiveness

Ionised air also substantially reduces the number of airborne bacteria indoors. A leading microbiologist and experimental pathologist at the University of California, Dr. Albert Krueger, found that even a very small quantity of negative ions could kill bacteria. In addition, crystal salt helps much to cure many diseases.
According to “Journal of Hygiene”, scientists showed that ionisation reduced bacterial levels in burns and plastic surgery units by over 96% after a two week period, which results in much better and more rapid healing of patients.
“Journal of Applied Microbiology” states that the use of negative ions was even found by scientists to reduce the presence of airborne viruses, by about 40%. A study featured in the 1987 issue also showed the negative ions are free from any adverse side effects.

More on healing effects of salt lamps

Salt lamps are ideal for daily use near televisions and computers, around smokers, in offices with air-conditioning, and everywhere else where you want to restore or preserve the natural air quality. Good Salt Authority’s salt lamps are a beautiful and natural alternative to artificial ionisers. Even when the lamps are cool, they have some beneficial effect, but when lamps or tea lights are lit, the gentle heat they produce emits a far higher number of ions. Bio-energy therapists and homeopaths in Europe have recommended crystal salt lamps for a long time to support treatment of allergies, respiratory system and blood system diseases. They are often used in the treatment of rheumatism.

Effective uses of Salt Lamps

Allergy Sufferers. A Salt Crystal Lamp in your vicinity will help your wellness and keep the air around you
clean and ionised naturally.
Anywhere you want the air quality to be improved or you want to create a relaxing, wellness environment.
Office workers. Salt lamp at work can help improve your concentration and refresh you, neutralizing the effects
of stress, artificial light and poor air circulation.
Lingering smells. A few salt lamps around smelly areas will clear the air faster.
Massage rooms. Salt lamp or two in the massage room will greatly enhance and create a natural ionising,
calming, wellness environment and will also renew the air.
Convalescents. While you recover from an illness, a lamp by your bedside will be a comforting and healthy companion.
Their soothing light helps neurotic persons and people suffering from anxiety and insomnia.
Office desk, Computer users. Place a Salt Lamp near your computer to reduce fatigue, counter EMF
(electro magnetic field) pollution effects from equipment. The lamp will also minimize the effects of all that
monitor radiation.
Well accepted by Natural Health Practitioners. A Salt Crystal Lamp glowing in your consulting or treating
room assists the healing process and adds to a calming environment.
Feng Shui fans. A few Salt Lamps placed at strategic spots will enhance and clear the energy of the room.
For meditation. When you repose in peace and quiet,  Salt Lamp near you is known to enhance your meditative experience.
Parents, place a comforting Salt Lamp by your child’s bedside. It is a completely safe and lovely night light, and will enhance your child’s sleep, keeping the atmosphere clean.

Salt lamps – creating climate for growth.

Due to their beautiful and rich colours, salt lamps are also used in colour therapy, i.e. chromo therapy.
Salt lamps have also been appreciated by Feng Shui art connoisseurs. The lamps are hand made from Himalayan salt, taking great care of the natural crystal’s beauty. Here you’ll find out the size of the salt lamp suitable for your individual needs. Caring for your salt lamp is very easy.

Surrounded by artificial products of civilization, we all need a unique and pure product. A glowing salt lamp is much more than a stunning décor element. It helps to create a healthy living environment; where you can soothe your ailments, reinvigorate, increase longevity and raise your life enjoyment. The immense powers of Nature working for the benefit of your health!

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