Easy And Effective Salt Therapies!

Effective Salt Therapies You Can Use At Home!

Arthritis and Gout


On an empty stomach, drink 1 tsp. (tea spoon) of sole (see making Sole) with good quality water.
Continue drinking good quality water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 litres
Make a cold sole poultice of pure sole solution (26%) and apply it to your infected areas. Wrap with dry cloth bandage.



On an empty stomach, drink 1 tsp. of sole with good quality water.
Continue drinking good quality water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 litres
Make a warm water sole poultice, as warm as you feel comfortable with. The concentration of the sole would be at least 10% or 14 grams of salt to every 140 grams of water.
Fill a linen or cotton bag with salt crystals and heat it in the oven to 52 – 60deg. C. Put the heated bag directly on your aching joint or other sore body area for 20 mins. If you have joint pains in you hands and feet, you can also bath them with a more concentrated sole solution, starting at 10%. Water at body temperature 36.7 deg. C is ideal for this bath.



On an empty stomach, drink 1 tsp. of sole with good quality water.
Continue drinking good quality water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 litres
Inhalation therapy once or twice a day with a 3% brine solution for 10-15 minutes. (30 grams salt for every litre of water.
Directions for Sole Inhalation – Heat 4-8 litres of water until boiling. Add the salt (28 grams for each litre of water) and let it dissolve. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapours, keeping your face far enough away from the hot steam so as not to burn yourself.

Open Wounds

A poultice made of Sole (Sole poultice). Open wound injuries should only be treated with a diluted solution of 14 grams. Himalayan Crystal Salt diluted in 125 ml of water. If you use a higher ratio the injury will create a burning feeling. Use only quality, non-carbonated mineral water to treat the open wounds.
Take sterile gauze, soak it in the sole solution, rinse it and apply it on the wound. Then wrap a dry cloth around it.

De-tox and Flu and Fever Relief

Dip a clean cotton shirt in a 3% Sole solution – 2 T (Table spoon) of crystal salt diluted in 1 litre of water. Rinse the shirt thoroughly and put it on. Cover (wrap) yourself in a dry towel and lay in bed (covered with your blanket. ) After about half an hour you will start sweating. You can support the effect by drinking a cup of Linden blossom tea. Stay in bed for 60 to 90 minutes. Take off your shirt and shower. Treat yourself to an hour rest.
This procedure is an excellent detoxification tool and activates the metabolism. The brine shirt shows excellent results with flues with high temperatures.
In such cases it is better than the brine bath.

Brine Soaked Socks

This procedure has a similar effect as the shirt but is especially helpful when you suffer from cold feet and gout. Soak a pair of clean cotton socks in a 3-5% Sole solution – 2-4 Ts. of Himalayan Crystal Salt diluted in 1 litre of water. Wring the sock thoroughly and put it on .Wrap your feet in a dry towel. Leave it on for about 60 minutes. Treat yourself to an hour rest.

Dental Hygiene

Healthy teeth and gums are not only visually appealing but also very important for our overall health. Himalayan Crystal Salt is an excellent product for dental hygiene. Most common tooth problems derive from an over acidic condition in the mouth and throat. The salt will build up a pH neutral mouth flora and will help protect your tooth enamel.
How to use: Brush your teeth every morning with concentrated Sole. Press the Sole through your teeth with the help of your tongue. Gargle with Sole for about three minutes, then spit it out again.


Psoriasis usually is inherited and appears mostly at adulthood. However, the disease does not have to be life long. An alkaline diet and the abstinence from animal proteins are the foundation for every treatment to follow. Especially good for psoriasis are fresh or frozen vegetables (except  Brussels sprouts or artichokes) salads, mushrooms, fresh fruits, potatoes and all root vegetables, cold pressed olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, non carbonated water and herb teas. But even without this suggested diet you can still experience the beneficial effects of salt therapy. Traditional medicine has recognized the healing power of salt for Psoriasis for quite a long time.

Very often, for severe cases, the only cure for patients is a treatment in the Dead Sea salt which contains the highest salt concentration in the world. But as one cannot indulge in such baths for ever, after some time the symptoms return.
Treating your psoriasis at home – Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of water with 1tsp.of concentrated Sole water. Drink 2-3 litres of spring water during the day.

Take a Himalayan Crystal Salt bath 2 times a week for 10-20 minutes. Start with a 3% Sole solution concentration ( 3 kg of Himalayan Crystal Salt diluted in a full bath tub). Gradually increase the concentration up to 8% with your next baths. The sole bath will not only moisture your skin but also help stop inflammations. A highly concentrated sole bath is straining and gets more so with increasing temperature.
Use a temperature that feels comfortable for you but not more than the body temperature of 36.7 deg. C.
You can achieve even greater effect by letting the sun dry you off. 5-10 minutes will be sufficient.
The parts of the body that are more infected than others, like elbows and knees, can be massaged with the concentrated 26% sole solution.


Herpes sores are very painful, annoying and persistent. The herpes virus remains always in our nervous system. If our immune system is weakened, these viruses can multiply at an explosive rate and form these very well known blisters. Once they appear, the usual remedies offer little relief. Try some Himalayan Crystal Salt. The intake of the Sole will strengthen your immune system.

On an empty stomach, drink 1 tsp. of Sole (see making Sole) with good quality water.
Continue drinking good quality water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 litres.
Apply some pure, concentrated Sole solution (26%) directly to the infected blister with a cotton swab every hour.
Any questions? You can find relevant answers in FAQ about salt.

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