How Ions Affect Your Health

Positive ions in the atmosphere have harmful effects on health, while negative ions are beneficial. If an atom loses electrons it has more protons than electrons and so has an overall positive charge. Conversely if an atom gains electrons, it has more electrons than protons and so is negatively charged. These charged particles are called “ions”, and all contain unpaired electrons.

Our bodies make extensive use of ions such as calcium (Ca++), Potassium (K+), and Sodium (Na+) ions for transmitting electric signals between the brain and nerves. So it is not surprising that large quantities of ions, whether natural or artificial in origin, can affect human health. One hypothesis is that such ions interfere with the body’s own internal communication system.

Effects of Positive Ions.

At full moon there are more positive ions at the earth’s surface and people seem to suffer more stress. It has been well documented over hundreds of years that patients in mental hospitals become restless and excited at the time of the full moon. There is also a significant increase in homicides, and generally disturbed social activity at such times.
A surfeit of positive ions also causes blood to flow more slowly and as a result oxygen in the blood is not carried to the muscles as efficiently, resulting in muscle pain.

Effects of Negative Ions.

At the time of the new moon, when there are proportionally more negative ions at Earth’s surface, organic life flourishes and seeds grow better.
In many cultures it is traditional to plant crops at this time.
Experiments in the work place with negative ionisers, show that an increased ratio of negative ions creates a calm atmosphere where work proceeds creatively. Office workers suffer less from headaches, fatigue, and absenteeism when a negative ioniser is present in the office, than when it is switched off unbeknown to the staff.

Ion effect on Blood Flow.

Red blood cells are slightly negatively charged, as are the surfaces of blood vessels through which they flow, and for a very good reason.
Because like charges repel each other, blood cells do not get attracted to the artery walls, or to each other, and so can flow smoothly along these narrow channels.
However, when we inhale positive ions these enter the lungs and then the bloodstream, where they lessen the negative charge on the blood cells. Thus the adhesion of blood cells to vessel walls is increased and circulation efficiency decreases.
In the contrast, negative ions increase circulation efficiency.

Without adequate negative ions, we are literally working ourselves to death and we don’t even realize it!

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