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Himalayan Salt Authority Unbiased Advice!

Why should you listen to us, Himalayan Salt Authority? Because we have no commercial interest at heart. We don’t trade in Himalayan salt, although not so long ago, we were Australia’s top retailer and wholesaler of Himalayan crystal salt. We no longer actively trade, and prefer to share with you an unbiased advice and our expertise, for your personal benefit!

Here, you’ll find three major categories of benefits related to the use of Himalayan salt:

Each category contains extensive results of international research results about Himalayan salt, presented in an easy to digest form. Help yourself, and make a full use of it.

In addition, we’ve presented here latest info about Dead Sea salt and Celtic sea salt, that are popular amongst the holistic community and seekers of the natural health remedies that Nature has in store for humanity. Again, not a word of hype here – we’ve nothing to sell to you, nothing to convince you about. The information presented has been gathered through countless hours of research, and now, offered to you as our gift. Obviously, as in all health-related matters, always consult your doctor before adding new salt to your diet, or changing its intake.

Don’t believe those who say that salt is bad for your health. There’s good salt that your body needs. Himalayan crystal salt is one of these irreplaceable building blocks of the highest purity that you should use, instead of the ordinary refined kind that you’re buying from your local store.