Himalayan Salt Beauty – Effective Treatments!

Himalayan Salt Beauty Helpers Created For You By Nature!

Not often can you get Mother Nature’s perfect creations to work for… your beauty.
But, harvested from deep under the Himalayan Mountains, salt crystals became massage stones, deodorant bars, bath soaps.

Lovely Himalayan Crystal Salt smile

Lovely Himalayan Crystal Salt smile

All natural, untreated and unscented; neutralize skin impurities. Rejuvenating and nourishing, full of energy baths are prepared from salt crystals. The result: smooth, healthy and young looking skin, relieved sore muscles, beautiful hair and a vibrant, revitalized body.
All, visible benefits of the Himalayan Crystal Salt working on the outside.

On the inside, even more profound miracles happen. Just by consuming the right salt, you’re giving your body the chance to fight sickness and… ageing. The living, fully energized Himalayan Crystal Salt, works “behind the scenes”, to help you achieve spectacular results.
Cellulite, the bad word in every woman’s vocabulary, is easily eliminated, by removing its basic cause: the molecules of bad salt.

This salt is “neutralized” by the surrounding molecules of water; in a ratio 23 : 1. Yes, for one molecule of  bad, refined salt, there are 23 molecules of water. This is how your unwelcomed cellulite is formed. And the solution? Simple.
Eat Good Salt, and not only the “old” deposit of bad salt will be progressively removed from your body; the cellulite will be gone too!
Now, with your body full of vigour, beautifully renewed skin, glimmering hair and confident smile, you are seen truly in the best light.

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