Body Peeling Using Himalayan Salt!

Do you feel tired and without energy? Find a time and treat yourself to a full body peeling. First take a shower with warm water to open the pores. A body peeling made from a mixture of pure Himalayan Crystal Salt and oil is ideal for de-toxifying. You will achieve the same purifying effect as going on a several days fast. At the same time you will receive an energy boost due to the high concentrated minerals in the salt mixture.
The peeling will also enhance the blood circulation in your skin.

Body peeling using Himalayan Salt

Body peeling using Himalayan Salt

Directions of use: In a small bowl, mix 3.5 Tbs. of pure Himalayan Crystal Salt with 1 Tbs. of macadamia nut oil and a quarter tsp. of 100% pure Lavender oil. The mixture needs to be stirred until smooth. Lie down on a bath towel and rub your whole body with this mixture. You can enjoy deeper relaxation if somebody else does this for you. Wrap yourself in the towel then cover yourself with a blanket. Keep the peeling on for about half an hour. You will experience a warm flow throughout your body, which shows that the body cells began their work. Rinse off the peeling with warm water and gently pat your skin dry. Don’t rub it dry. The oil will remain on your skin and make it soft and velvety

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