Beauty and Himalayan Salt!

Good Salt Makes You Beautiful Naturally!

Beauty begins from within… Your skin, hair, smile, graceful movements are all reflections of your healthy body.
No matter how much effort (and money) you put into beauty treatments, the effects won’t last… unless supported by proper nourishment and a hygienic lifestyle. Yes, Good Salt has a very important role to play. You either use it and reap the rewards – healthy and beautiful living; or, a never ending repair to the damages that are actually initiated from within.
Himalayan salt – Nature’s beauty secrets at work…

The great news is, that the same Good Salt you’re eating for the “inner health”, works miracles on the “outside”. Facial masks, rejuvenating baths and skin care, are just some of the most effective uses of Himalayan Salt and Dead Sea Salt. Better still, you’re using natural, unadulterated substances, in the same way Cleopatra would… straight from Mother Nature’s secret beauty box. Soon, you’ll marvel about the astonishing effects the moon bathing has on your vigour and glamour. Get the Moon working for you? Yes, it’s for real. The inner energy of salt makes it a reality!

Himalayan salt - Nature's beauty secrets at work

Himalayan salt - Nature's beauty secrets at work

Did you know why we are so drawn to the ocean? Because our subconscious mind instinctively wants to return to the specific vibrational state of the ocean from which we once emerged. This is where we can return to recharge our mind and regenerate our body.
Drinking a spoonful of sole, and luxuriating in a natural salt bath is nothing, comparing to hours spent in beauty parlours. And the time saved!

All it takes, is a dose of Good Salt, and a moment you’d like to have reserved only for yourself. Nature takes care of the rest; and when your hour of indulgence is over, you walk out of your bathroom feeling like Aphrodite, poised to be admired. With Himalayan salt secret powers working for you, taking care of your beauty has never been more rewarding. Try it now!

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