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Himalayan Salt In Your Diet? Only If You Value Your Health More Than Anything!

“There’s Nature’s love for you radiating from each Himalayan salt crystal”
Himalayan salt is the only one that makes the saying: “salt is the essence of life” right. You may have even heard that salts aren’t equal…
And you want to find out more. After all, it’s your health we’re talking about; claiming ignorance won’t absolve you. Find out the salt facts, improve your lifestyle and enjoy peace of mind for  the (long) rest of your life. If not, you will rob yourself of the best results of your health-conscious pursuits.
Dieting, exercising, eating “healthy” foods, will deliver much less. Why? Because unless you’re eating Himalayan salt, you’re eating a wrong salt!
But, your doctor won’t tell you that!
Good Salt exists to open your eyes, to a long, pain-free life. When we speak of salt, and as we investigate its properties, we mean only the salt in its original form: unaltered, natural salt, as it has crystallized in the Earth over millions of years

Good Salt that Heals and Salt that Kills. Which One Shares Your Life?

What’s hiding behind their smiles?

Himalayan salt for a whole family

Himalayan salt for a whole family

They know Good Salt!
Let me guess. If you’re like most people, your salt comes from the supermarket’s shelf.
All salt comes from oceans and underground mines. Most of it, is refined and sold for industrial use. The refined salt destined for human consumption is pure sodium chloride; white and “enriched” by additives. And it’s slowly killing you!  The natural, unprocessed salt on the other hand, retains all Nature’s-given treasures.
It makes your body sing with joy! In the latest developments, certain cerebral palsy patients have benefited using this healthy salt.
“Fish from the ocean will die quickly if placed in a solution of refined salt and water. The sodium chloride, in its form as it comes from the refinery, is actually poisonous to them. Bottom line, is that
yes it can be harmful to consume too much refined salt, but you cannot consume too much natural unrefined salt.”
The sad fact is, the same refined salt is present in every possible foodstuff on the market today.
Meat, preserves, cheese, tinned food, sweets, breads are loaded with the white poison. Isn’t it time, that you begin accepting into your life, only the Good Salt? Surely, there’s little you can do, but buy the meat and bread that’s on the market.

But, the salt in your salt shaker is entirely your choice.
Make sure it tastes good and nourishes your body and mind with the elixir of life; created by Mother Nature,
not an industrial chemist. Long live Natural Salt!
Yes, there are salts that make your heart work better, like well oiled clockwork. Yes, there are salts used in healing therapies, that can give the upper hand in your battle with debilitating illness. Yes,
there are salts that give your hair new shine and make your skin feel like that of a new-born baby. Good Salt shows you how to enjoy these gifts of Nature and… feel good about it. For you have found the “guilt – free” salt!
Your health is at stake here. Before you choose your favourite salt, find out more about its origins and how to get your share of Nature’s riches.
Find time to read the detailed explanation of physics and chemistry behind the miracle of Good Salt. Examine scientific arguments and proofs.
Visit dedicated Health, Beauty and Decor pages for an in-depth advice on how to top-up your health fortunes, rejuvenate your skin and create that “feel good” atmosphere in your home. Can’t wait to see the products? Rest assured, whatever you’re buying from Good Salt, costs you less. Guaranteed.

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